Having had your property photographed by our professional photographer the next step is advertising. Since at present up to eighty five percent of potential buyers search for property on real estate websites, normally within 2 days we advertise your property on all our partner’s sites. We regularly edit advertisements to make sure the properties we are offering are always up to date and prominent. Thanks to our exclusive contracts and high investment in advertising, as part of our All Inclusive service we present our client’s property on the internet’s most lucrative advertising sites, including the home page of news portal

Your property is also advertised on social networks Facebook and Twitter and in email presentations, through which we are able to address another large group of potential buyers.

Another great marketing method is the hanging of an advertising banner upon the property being sold, which we do, should you so wish, as soon as you decide to use our services.

This, along with optional public “open-door” days, is yours for free as part of our All Inclusive service.

For higher priced properties we also exclusively offer advertising billboards at certain locations according to where said property is situated.

If you are interested in a non-binding meeting or are seeking more information about our services, please call tel. 602 255 514.

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Stereo reality
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