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First meeting - your exclusive real estate broker

Dear clients and business partners, Our cooperation together always begins with a tentative inspection of your property which is, of course, free. During the inspection we can help you specify the sale price, we will discuss with you the process of selling your property and propose the best.. více »

Free rentals

We offer a complete service associated with renting your property for free více »

Real estate negotiator

Hello, Real estate negotiator is a special service we offer our clients, who have found their dream property on sale from a private seller or from our competition but feel that the price is too high. In this case, we are always ready to devise a business plan for the purchase of the real estate,.. více »

Home Staging

​​ This is a unique service which, over the last few years, has become the norm elsewhere in the world. Home staging is the aesthetic preparation of a property prior to its sale or rental and its professional presentation on the real estate market. The aim is to increase the appeal of your.. více »


Since up to 80 percent of potential buyers see their new property for the first time in photographs we paid particular attention to our choice of photographer. With your property having undergone careful Home Staging preparations next up is professional photographer David Zemlicka who was first.. více »


Having had your property photographed by our professional photographer the next step is advertising. Since at present up to eighty five percent of potential buyers search for property on real estate websites, normally within 2 days we advertise your property on all our partner’s sites. We regularly.. více »

PENB certificates

According to the law referring to energy management (no. 406/2000), as of 1.1.2013 any person wishing to sell or rent real estate must be able to put forward the energy efficiency certificate of the building during the property’s presentation and thereafter any inspections of the property. On July.. více »


​​ In the event that you choose to finance the purchase of your dream home with a mortgage, our mortgage and loan consultant Petr Chytil is fully at your disposal and is always ready to fully provide all the necessary administrative services. Mainly thanks to her individual approach to each client,.. více »

Legal service

​​ A key part of our All Inclusive package is the secure legal endorsement of the transfer or lease of real estate. For this purpose Stereo Reality works closely with law firm Fojt|Kocour. This law firm provides Stereo Reality not only with all the contractual documents for the sale or rental of.. více »

Energy transfer

As part of our All Inclusive package we arrange the transfer of all power services to the new owner free of charge, thus saving your precious time. if you are interested in a non-binding meeting or are seeking more information about our services, please call tel. +420 602 255 514. více »

Tax return

​​ ​After the successful sale of your property, the deposit registration in the land registry and the submission of the protocol showing the transfer of funds from the new owner to the custodian, the purchase price is paid into your bank account. On 5th August 2016 the new law no. 254/2016 was.. více »

Additional services

An expert testimonial is no longer a mandatory annex to the tax return for the acquisition of property. Despite this, should it be required due to inheritance for example, we will provide its drafting. In case of interest, we offer clients virtual video tours. Thanks to our financial strength we.. více »

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