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​​ A key part of our All Inclusive package is the secure legal endorsement of the transfer or lease of real estate. For this purpose Stereo Reality works closely with law firm Fojt|Kocour. This law firm provides Stereo Reality not only with all the contractual documents for the sale or rental of real estate, but also custody of purchase monies and the verification of signatures on the contracts of purchase. All the law firm’s services are available to you for free as part of our All Inclusive package.

Law firm Fojt|Kocour resides in an area with excellent transport connections across from Kramarova Villa at Goglova 228/8,Prague 1 – Hradcany.

The great advantage of this office is its broad focus, therefore allowing us to help our clients in all areas of the law. However, the core part of its business consists of real estate law and all the services related to the transfer of property.

This law office has developed high quality and proven contracts, which are also very understandable to the layman. The lawyers respond flexibly to all requests Stereo Reality’s clients may have and, according to our cooperation agreement, give such requests priority.

Law firm Fojt|Kocour conducts the safekeeping of purchase monies in compliance with all the regulations and requirements of the Bar Association. Each individual case is allocated a special escrow account at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic a.s., with which the lawyer must not perform any actions other than those specified by the contract. Payment of money is made only by the lawyer himself after a strict advocate revision all the conditions of all the conditions of payment. Escrow accounts are subject to statutory deposit insurance and the law firm has also professional insurance above the indemnity limit.

Stereo Reality clients are promptly informed about all facts concerning the custody thus ensuring they have an overview of the safekeeping of monies as well as the complete process of property transfer. All this is free of charge as part of our All Inclusive service.

If you are interested in more information call Mgr. Viktor Fojt on tel. +420 605 265 757.

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