PENB certificates

According to the law referring to energy management (no. 406/2000), as of 1.1.2013 any person wishing to sell or rent real estate must be able to put forward the energy efficiency certificate of the building during the property’s presentation and thereafter any inspections of the property.

On July 1st 2015 the energy management law 406/2000 was amended, abolishing the obligation for all residential and administrative buildings to have a PENB certificate. PENB is no longer required for the sale and lease of buildings built up to 1947 unless the building has undergone major reconstruction since then (major reconstruction being alterations to at least 25% of the building’s exterior).
When selling or renting an apartment in the house, however, the energy label is needed.

For the sale and lease of an apartment it remains the case that the energy label can be substituted by energy bills for the previous 3 years. The use of this substitute instead of an energy label is acceptable only if the owner of the apartment submits to the owner’s association an application in writing for its submission and the owner’s association fails to submit the energy label. Possible sanctions will then be enforced upon the owner’s association, not the owner of the apartment.

It is up to the retailer whether to sell the property in the G class or to have energy labels processed and the true energy performance be advertised. However, it is estimated that 82% of buyers prefer energy-saving housing.

As part of our ALL INCLUSIVE services, we can create an energy label for your building at a very attractive price and in some cases free of charge.

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