For donors

Dear blood and bone marrow donors,
Thank you for visiting our website. I really appreciate your approach to donating the most valuable thing to save human life, and since I am a voluntary blood donor and a member of the bone marrow donor registry, I would like to offer you and your family members a discounted price for Stereo reality real estate services. unlimited validity.

The discounted offer of our company means a 30% discount on ALL INCLUSIVE service for the sale of real estate. When renting a property, you will receive a free photo shoot of it by a professional photographer and the preparation of a lease agreement by the renowned law firm Fojt | Cat. Of course, all advice is also free for you.

If you decide to use our offer, you can fill in the form below without obligation and you will immediately be included in our special client database. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Krůček directly at 602 255 514.

Thank you,
Milan Krůček
gold medal holder Prof. MUDr. Jan Janský

Stereo reality
Stereo reality
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