Free rentals

We offer a complete service associated with renting your property for free

We will adjust the design of your property.

We provide professional photos.

We appreciate the optimal amount of rent. We will gain at least CZK 12,000 more per year from our experience.

We are looking for a tenant.

We will check the tenant.


Central record of executions of the Czech Republic.
Insolvency Register of the Czech Republic.
Police wanted.
Official board of bailiffs.
Central record of executions of the Slovak Republic.
Register of bankrupt in Slovakia.
We will prepare the following documents for you:

Lease agreement
Sublease Agreement
Transfer Protocol
Lease Termination Agreement
Notarial deed with permission to enforce
We will arrange energy transfers, witness the handover of the apartment and a third party signing the handover protocol.

All services associated with renting real estate are free for you. It is paid for by the tenant, which also increases its creditworthiness and credibility.

Stereo reality
Stereo reality
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